Nexus Theory Episode 4: Pathways and Organization of the Brain

In this Episode we cover the general flow of information in your brain: how initial ‘raw’ sensory information is first presented to your consciousness through the thalamus at the center of your brain into your biophotonic holographic Nexus residing in your cerebral ventricles, and then that ‘raw’ perception is supplemented with interpreted information arriving shortly afterward from your cerebral cortex to provide learned meaning to your perceptions.

BONUS: a simple experiment is described in this Episode through which you can perceive incoming ‘raw’ visual information followed shortly afterward by the interpreted information coming from cerebral cortex yourself.

Please note: if you haven’t already started looking at some labeled brain photos and drawings to see how it’s laid out, now would be a good time to begin. It’s a long process to sort out all the parts and their relationships with one another, but by starting with the structures mentioned in these Episodes you’ll get a quick jumpstart to what’s most important.

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