Welcome to the Science of Consciousness:

Nexus Theory

  • A comprehensive scientific explanation for how consciousness becomes physically enabled in our brains.
  • Cracks the secret of one of the greatest mysteries of our time, the nature of consciousness.
  • For scientists and nonscientists, artists and dreamers, seekers and self-actualizers.
  • Know thyself — discover who you really are.

Nexus Theory offers a fresh and finally a comprehensive physical explanation for consciousness and how we are physically connected through consciousness with the fabric of the universe. This knowledge will enrich your understandings of mind, reality, and your own place in the grand tapestry of existence.

Theoretical Framework

The introductory theoretical framework for Nexus Theory is presented in ten short podcast episodes below, the first 10 of the Adventures In Consciousness podcast. The episodes explain how biophotons are used to form the Nexus, which localizes in the spaces of our brains a dynamic holographic image of the nonlocal Source of Consciousness. This will get you started on your voyage of discovery; for best comprehension please start with Episode 1 and continue in order through Episode 10.

Nexus Theory 101

In 90 minutes you will learn how consciousness is enabled in your brain, and who you really are.

Tip: if using a smartphone turn it sideways to see the episode titles.

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