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Nexus Theory

  • A comprehensive scientific explanation for how consciousness is physically enabled in your brain.
  • Cracks the secret of what many consider the greatest mystery of our time, the nature of consciousness.
  • For scientists and nonscientists, artists and dreamers, seekers and self-actualizers.
  • Know thyself — discover who you really are.

Technical Abstract:

Biophotons emitted from cell mitochondria are organized and guided by the brain’s structures and functions into its cerebral ventricles, cavities filled with clear cerebrospinal fluid and lined with beating hairlike cilia. Timing of the beating cilia with neural events and biophoton emissions in a process called neurophotic resonance enables the construction of a three-dimensional holographic data connector made of biophotons within the ventricles, called the Nexus, that ‘tunes in’ through quantum entangled wave interference with holographically organized virtual photon energies in the Zero Point Energy, an immensely powerful energy field that’s invisible to us by somehow being outside our normal time-bound frame of reference.

That vast sea of energy pervading all space and time comprises the holographic structure of the universe including the fundamental unitary nonlocal Source of all consciousness. Quantum entanglement of the Source holographic structures in ZPE virtual photons with the biophotons of the holographic Nexus enables a localized expression of Source consciousness in the Nexus that we mistakenly recognize as our separate Egos but which are actually unitary with Source and consequently unitary with all other consciousness undergoing illusions of separateness.

Theoretical Framework:

The technical abstract above outlines the scope of Nexus Theory. Below is the introductory theoretical framework presented in ten short podcast episodes, the first ten of the Adventures In Consciousness podcast. These ten episodes explain how biophotons are used to form the Nexus, which localizes in the spaces of our brains a dynamic holographic image of the nonlocal Source of Consciousness. This explanation will get you started on your voyage of discovery and is designed to be comprehensible to everyone, so please don’t be put off by the density of the Technical Abstract.

Nexus Theory 101:

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