Quantum Entanglement Explained

Starting around the ten minute mark in the video below, the critical detail relevant to consciousness is that quantum-entangled things become one thing as far as quantum mechanics is concerned.   While many aspects of quantum physics remain mysterious and other aspects are likely still unknown, both particles of matter and photons of light are known to be capable of becoming quantum entangled, with sometimes a great many of them becoming one thing all together at once.  This puzzling phenomenon of quantum entanglement can also persist over time and distance, and is the only known physical phenomenon that’s not limited by the speed of light.  Consequently the unusual marvel of entanglement that Nexus Theory asserts is occurring at this very moment between the holographically organized biophotons of your Nexus within your cerebral ventricles and the holographically organized virtual photons comprising the Source of consciousness spanning the universe in the Zero Point Energy, can explain not only how we are all physically One with the Source of consciousness and therefore One with each other too, but also how the Source of consciousness that is spread out nonlocally across the entire fabric of the universe is able to be instantaneously localized in the holographically structured little 150ml maximum volumes of our Nexuses.

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