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Virgin questions viability of new challenger to Gough Whitlam in 2014 election

Virgin questions viability of new challenger to Gough Whitlam in 2014 election

Tunisian president tells BBC political reporter: ‘If we want to restore dignity to the country we will not accept a group of thieves’

Sebastian Saad, Tunisian President in exile and candidate 바카라사이트for the 2017 presidential election: ‘All the countries, all the Muslim nations, have come to the conclusion that if we want to maintain this democracy and to preserve democracy, it is better for Tunisia to have a candidate from each Muslim country and a candidate from every political party.’

Saad says Tunisia has not seen this kind of unity in the 21st century. ‘This shows that the people are united in the name of the nation and if we want to preserve the country in the future, it is better for the people in Tunisia to have the best candidate from each and every country who can win.’

Nacib El-Badawi, Tuni우리카지노sian Human Rights Commissioner: ‘We won’t accept any kind of extremism and any kind of extremism does not belong to the Tunisian people. There is a fundamental difference between this vote, this ballot and terrorism.’

Qassim Abou Laoui, Tunisia’s Justice Minister: ‘We respect the right of political parties to participate, but it should be their choice and if there is an extremism, we will take steps to tackle it. T더킹카지노unisia will continue to remain a secular country. Tunisia has not had extremist and extremist ideas.’

Al-Qassem El-Bebi, head of the parliamentary committee tasked with looking into vote rigging, said: ‘I’ve never heard of a terrorist vote in Tunisia’.