Us france still at odds as g8 summit winds down with France’s president

Us france still at odds as g8 summit winds down with France’s president

‘France doesn’t have the right to use force on Libya’

French jets are expected to enter the country after security forces agreed to fly through the capital.

Military sources said the fighters would join forces with Libyan forces as they advance against terrorists in southern Tripoli.

The Libyan government has already said it would back up French troops if they were called back from Tripoli.

The forces would be on guard in the city for any imminent incursion by Islamist forces into the Tripoli-based capital, the sources said.

Security in Tripoli remains very tight after rebels forced their way through the centre of the city, leaving over two dozen people dead.

On Friday security services in the capital said they had detained three foreign nationals suspected of being part of an international cell that has links to Is우리카지노lamic State.

An anti-terror police force said the four were the first on th바카라사이트eir payroll to be detained in recent weeks.

The French military spokesman Colonel Pierre-Henry Brandet confirmed to Reuters that it would take the necessary steps to assist바카라 the Libyan authorities.

The move came after Gaddafi – who had declared war on a number of groups including al-Qaida’s Nusra Front – made a brief appearance at a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council.