Spains ball possession something else – I’m not sure what else they could do but play some hard-working hard balls,” says Ferguson

Spains ball possession something else – I’m not sure what else they could do but play some hard-working hard balls,” says Ferguson. “When I look at the stats for the Premier League this season, Chelsea have scored more goals from open play and less goals from open play than the rest of Europe’s top six sides.”

It all started against Arsenal when he was the manager. It ended with Mourinho taking charge of Manchester United on May 14, 2002, five days after United beat Chelsea 4-0 at Old Trafford. That match brought another one of Ferguson’s memorable displays: he scored Manchester United’s only goal and gave his team a deserved win when he went from frustrated to exhilarated in a matter of seconds.

Ferguson, of course, scored twice against Manchester City on October 31, 2002. United had just been eliminated by the Blues in the FA Cup in the first leg of their semi-final and with them the Premier League title.

“I had an extra-long chat with David (Revell) after the first leg,” says Ferguson. “He told me he would be disappointed if they won the cup but would do anything I asked. He was very honest.”

Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho won the Premier League in 2008 and has the Chelsea captaincy as he prepared for his first club’s second title in as many seasons in August 2011. Photo: Getty Images

It was still September 11, two days before the club got through to the play-offs. With the season finished fjarvees.comor the year, with Manchester United at Chelsea in the play-offs, it’s easy to forget about this season’s achievements. But Ferguson and United were playing for United, not against Manchester City.

A few days before the kick-off for Saturday’s final, in which they will play against Juventus, Ferguson had a chat with Mourinho.

“He did say he was satisfied with United’s performanc더킹카지노e this season,” says Ferguson. “He’s not satisfied for anyone, not just Manchester United. He’s not satisfied for us, for the whole country and for the fans.”

It’s perhaps understandable that the manager is less upset over a trophy, and even more impressed by how it was won.

United 더킹카지노have beaten three of their last four league opponents (including 4-0 at United in the cup quarter-finals on Wednesday) and four of their last seven (the last two victories having been 4-1 at Old Trafford on August 18 and 1-0 against Leicester City on September 9).

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