Roadworks see ancient tree chopped down to make way for motorway on Southend road

Roadworks see ancient tree chopped카지노 사이트 down to make way for motorway on Southend road

THE BATTLE of SOUTHEDGE is well documented in the local literature. There are stories and books that tell it all. But this week, the area has been given a new lease on life – because of a small piece of road that just gets bigger with each passing day.

Some will say this road is too small to survive the ever-growing number of motorways passing through. Others will argue that the idea of a three-minute stroll between Manchester’s main business centre and the town’s main railway station isn’t quite right. But that’s not just about safety – it’s about efficiency. A small three-minute step from a bus stop can save a motorist between seven and nine hours a week, according to a recent report by the University of Manchester.

The new road, which will be cut through the old road at Manchester Railway Avenue, is just one of the many, many schemes to save the area from being swallowed up by big estates and sprawling estates of motorways.

It’s a new proposal from London’s new Mayor Sadiq Khan.

In September 2015, he signed off on the Southend Road Works project, which he said would reduce road trips by “10.5 per cent across the region by 2030.” He said: “There are some areas of the country that, to our knowledge, are already suffering from the impact of the traffic boom. London is at the forefront of such change. I바카라사이트t’s one of the few places in the world where the roads are so long that it’s becoming an issue and that’s a problem that we’re working towards.”

On Wednesday, at Manchester Airport, Khan was talking about the work – the largest of its kind in Europe. Southend Road, he said, will save “25 per cent” of air passenger journeys in the next six years – and that he believes the project will have a “huge impact” on passenger numbers in Southend, where more than 100,000 people commu카지노 사이트te to the airport everyday.