Red kangaroo numbers plummeting hunter kills

Red kangaroo numbers plummeting hunter kills

A kangaroo in northern New South Wales is showing its age, with its numbers down to less than half of what they were wh창원출장마사지en the colony was founded more than 100 years ago.

The number of kangaroos in the region was at least five times the original population of about 20 in 1875, according to wildlife scientist Robert Jones.

The kangaroo population in NSW is believed to have peaked at 15,000 in the 1800s but declined sharply to less than 10,000 by the time a commercial hunting operation was started about 250 years ago.

But that number has fallen dramatically since, Mr Jones said.

“All that is left now are the white kangaroo, the feral kangaroo and the wild wild kangaroo – a remnant, which has lost so much of its character that its numbers can be estimated,” he said.

A recent study estimates there are mor솔레어 카지노e than 1 million feral kangaroos in Australia, more than twice as many as there are in the wild.

It’s a problem the federal government has tried to tackle with a controversial reintroduction of six kangaroo reintroduction programs across NSW.

The goal is to get rid of kangaroo numbers by 2023.

“If you look at how far off our targets are we are – if we don’t see dramatic improvements, what’s left is to figure out how to get the kangaroos back to where they started, where they are healthy and where t코인 카지노hey can really help improve their environment,” Mr Jones said.

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