Questions raised over council tender plan: Read more

Questions raised over council tender plan: Read more

It is thought the decision will raise concerns over the future of the public’s rights of access to London’s most famous squares, the Palace of Westminster and Victoria Palace.

If the tender process is accepted, London would gain up to £300m from a new park and promenade, allowing for the city to rebrand itself an포항출장샵 포항출장안마d be more attractive as a destination for tourists.

It has been a long time since London public spaces have been taken by private developers, and the mayor will now have to show he has the financial wherewithal to develop the area and bring in new investment as he looks to create the city of future.

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Some councillors argue that a proposal from a firm run by former finance minister Chris Leslie to redevelop Hyde Park and give it a green space status could be just an admission that London might no longer be the city it once was – and the parks scheme is a key part of any new regeneration plans.

“The park and promenade would be good for a community garden – something that is really important in terms of the economy of London as well as the whole of the capital – and we have that already,” said one North WestXO 카지노 London borough councillor. “It is the type of idea that the local authority has always backed but we haven’t seen it in any detail.”

David Bell, mayor of Southwark borough, said that while it might feel like the park will be “the green spot” of the area, it will also be a public green space. “It’s the green spot from our point of view, but we will then have to look at the benefits and what they might be and the costs of not allowing it to be that green spot – and that is why the public spaces need a lot more time and attention than we currently have given them.”

A council spokesman said: “The public p넷마블 포커laces provision is under the public sector planning rules and for the past two years, the park and promenade have remained fully operational, making the park and promenade more than 25 years-old.

“We will continue to invest further, including in the public spaces in the areas to be redeveloped and the City of London’s regeneration plan for 2015 is on course to make great strides forward, which will see even more green areas open to the public. We will be working together with partners to ensure thi