Opposition critical of police offer to png/jpg for release

Opposition critical of police offer to png/jpg for release

The Police Federation of Northern Ireland has responded to criticism that it had accepted an agreement by the Department of Justice to not hold the file.

Members said the offer, which involved giving the file back to police officials before it was turned over to the Fr넷마블 포커eedom of Information Association, was offered to inform the public about the handling of information that could lead to the discovery of evidence.

It said it would still request copies of any file that had not been turned over to the association, and would continue to do so.

Justice Minister Mark H Durkan said he and the public would benefit from a full understa룰렛nding of the decision.

“I am glad that information about the operation of [the PSNI’s] anti-terror unit and other public inquiry activities will come to light.

“The information needs to be released to public interest bodies so that people can be fully aware that we have a very active and well-funded police force working hard against terrorism.

“This is a decision that we now accept as a matter of fairness for the public.김천출장샵 We will now continue to press the police service to fully provide all information it needs for the public good.”