Nitschke detained carrying replica death machine

Nitschke detained carrying replica death machine

The man in custody said that he was carrying a replica death machine and had been brought to the location where he would serve as a “sting.”

He said that he wanted to be remembered as a courageous individual, w실시간카지노ho would help protect the peace on Earth.

Suspicious that he might have been doing this without the permission of the police, some of the crowd at the scene jumped him to check for 가평출장샵 가평안마explosives, but didn’t find any.

The man later told journalists the machine was not meant to resemble a real death machine but was to resemble “toxic explosives.”

He said that he’d taken out a piece of cardboard to show the crowd.

He said that if he had seen someone with the machine, he would have blown up the box.

‘This was a demonstration’

Eyewitnesses in the area of Schiphol Airport said that they had just arrived to see the protests and were surprised by the chaos.

One man said: “We’ve been here for three months and the security here is good, but yesterday when we looked at the streets on the left there was this really huge crowd.”

He said he had not seen any people with an electronic device like the device seen here in a video

Another man added: “The police are the ones with these things.”

Eyewitness Andreas Schindler said that he heard people saying, “Let them burn, they must have had the wrong order, we are on a protest,” before the man with the death machine started banging on the windows of nearby shops.

Schindler said that he noticed that people were banging on the front window of the shop and that people were shouting: “Fire.”

Other witnesses said they had witnessed the demonstration, including police, as well as anti-racism activist Georgie Euille, who attended the demonstration in Dresden.

The woman sitting in front of me was a demonstrator who said she was from a family that owns some shops in Schiphol airport, but the windows where she lived have been shut since she came here.

He said: “People are worried. When the police arrive, everyone starts crying.”

“So I came to see what was going점보카지노 on and saw that it was the death machine,” Euille told reporters.

Euille later told the media he felt “frightened” by what he saw. “We just want the truth to come out,