Media call ricky stuart “dude can we come out together

Media call ricky stuart “dude can we come out together??!”

“I hope you guys have a great Christmas, I hope you guys ha제주출장안마ve a great winter, I hope you guys have a태양 성 카지노 great year”

“I’ve seen some guys get in trouble for using some of these words, like that ‘fuck you’ thing”

“I’ve seen카지노 후기 some chicks get in trouble for doing something, like being a cunt when their boyfriend tells them to get in the tub, I think they just need to get in the tub”

“I’m sorry, I think I’ve seen some women get in trouble for saying some really silly things – it’s like that, I mean I never say no, but don’t call me a cunt”

“Haha I like girls having fun as much as I fucking like boys having fun, I mean that’s what the world is all about, that’s what the game is all about”