Man extradited to face theft drug charges in act of cowardice

Man extradited to face theft drug charges in act of cowardice

Man, 28, jailed for a year after stealing heroin from a New York hospital

Man sentenced to more than 6 years after being caught stealing drug from a Toronto airport

Man jailed for 12 years after allegedly attacking a doctor at a clinic in New York City

Man gets eight years in Virginia after breaking into woman’s house and threatening her with knives

Man sentenced for killing his mother in front of him and his five siblings in Ohio

Man who tried to lure girlfriend into alley with a fake $100 bill pleaded guilty to shoplifting in Brooklyn

Man sentenced for attempted murder after trying to murder woman after she failed to tell him about her pregnancy

Woman c카지노onvicted of forcing her husband to eat her cat and then pulling a knife in court

Man charged with ‘killing his daughter for fun,’ taking dog for dog shoot and threatening to kill mother in Florida after he shot her while she was visiting family in Louisiana

Man charged with raping an 87-year-old woman after she refused his offers of marriag아산출장안마e

Man charged with raping a woman with a 12-inch knife after she refused오피 him a sexual encounter because she knew he was not her husband