Intelligence office rejects wilkies bali claims

Intelligence office rejects wilkies bali claims

Sudan – The Sudanese intelligence chief has rejected a claim that Sudanese spy agencies are engaged in “illicit acts” against their own people.

The director general of the Sudan security service, Omar al-Zahir, has denied Sudan’s spy agencies were targeting anyone over the past decade.

He told Khartoum-based Al-Hayat that his country’s intelligence agency had never recruited anyone to work for it under the guise of spying.

However, the director general made clear this was merely an expression of dissatisfaction with the fact spy agencies are continuing to receive donations from South Africa, the source said.

“I am speaking out only because the intelligence services and intelligence organi더킹카지노sations in Sudan have already lost more than two hundred and fifty million dollars to corruption, violence and other violations in recent years,” he said in a written statement to Sudan News Agency.

“It must be remembered that we have experienced two wars since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, one of them ended with a civil war, and another started with the fall of the regime in Khartoum,” he added.

“I was the first South African minister to visit the Sudan with intelligence agents,” he added, “and my first tour of the country took place two years ago.”

He said he is still in regular contact with the agency by telephone but has not seen anyone in uniform working for it in seven years. He is an honorary president of the Sudanese National Intelligence Service (KNI).

He said the KNI is not connected to South Africa’s intelligence services.

However, a spokesman for the SANA news agency, which is run by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, called on Mr Al-Zahir to immediately release a statement to confirm the reports in The Sunday Times.

“Sudanese intelligence have never received바카라사이트 any funds fr바카라사이트om South Africa for the development and provision of the KwaZulu-Natal Joint Intelligence Centre (KNIC),” the spokesman, Ibrahim Abdurrahman, said.

“Sudan has no relations with the former regime, the KZNIC or any other organization and no intelligence services from the former regime have been paid by South Africa as well as any other country in a recent period,” he added.

His statement referred to several reports in Sudan that alleged “illicit acts” by Sudanese spy agencies targeting South Africa’s spy agency and the country’s intelligenc