Govt criticised for inaction on hicks’ death

Govt criticised for inaction on hicks’ death

Treatment of hicks was wrong and did not improve conditions for any person, Union Health Minister A C Singh said while addressing a conference.

“The Union government has failed to ensure that the hicks treated humanely would be given treatment by our government. This must change because no one else can provide relief, unless we take an interest in the welfare of these men, so that they too have some relief,” Singh said at the World Congress.

He also said that his ministry is trying to set up an NGO in order to give a fresh hope to hicks and those who died there.

Singh, who was in New Delhi on Mo보성안마nday for the World Congress, was addressing the conference on hick’s case.

“On the day of the death of Rajesh Kumar Bisht, there was a call from the government asking us to provide a special medical attention. However, it was the medical staff and not the government which gave priority to providing this attention. I am here with the government for슈퍼 카지노 a change of attitude and I am here because we will not give away what we have to give in another place,” Singh said after the conference.

The World Congress is one of the major trade meetings in the country and last year more than half of India’s delegates participated.

First Published: Sep 10, 2017 06:07 안산출장안마IST