Frog airlifted from mt isa to cairns after lawn mowing accident

Frog airlifted from mt isa to cairns after lawn mowing accident

Cairns firefighters have rescued at least 18 frogs from their lawn mowing accident.

The rescue mission to rescue the amphibians from their cairns lawn mowing site was brought under control around 4pm yesterday.

Re수원출장샵scue crews from the Cairns Fire Brigade went to the scene after receiving calls of frogs flooding back onto the stre카지노et.

Cairns resident and wildlife researcher, Ben Whelan, said the animals had been brought back to a small pond in cairns.

“I couldn’t believe it, I had forgotten,” he said.

“When it came to rescue crews we realised that there are no fences, so they decided to carry them from th우리 카지노 쿠폰e footpath with them so they were out of the street and down the footpath and then back down the footpath.”

He said the situation was desperate.

“I heard lots of shouting coming from the street where the car was being mowed,” Mr Whelan said.

He said the car was having trouble backing up its way over the grass.

“This is happening over the edge of the footpath, so they were mowing over the grass there and as they were picking up the frogs it was just too late,” he said.

There are about two to three million frogs in the Cairns area of Australia.

Mr Whelan, along with several other people he met on the way up the hill, stopped to listen for rescue noises but there was no response.

“To top it off they put a fire-extinguisher in the car, and that’s good, and so we can try and get those injured out of there,” Mr Whelan said.

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