Cambodian parties form new coalition government after the election

Cambodian parties form new coalition government after the election

13/06/2017 – A senior member of the ruling Ulema Council has announced an interim deal between the ruling Cambodian People’s Party and an alliance of opposition groups.

The political decision has been called by the ruling Council of Ministers, which has been trying to form a coalition for the next eight days to pass a resolution.

A decision to form a coalition was reached over a year ago, when a coalition of the National Alliance – a major opposition party – the Cambodia Party – and the United Front for Democracy in구리출장마사지 Cambodia formed the ruling coalition in November last year.

The political situation however, remains unclear, as the Ulema Council remains divided between the three factions.

There is growing speculation that a ruling faction may now be looking to ally with one of the other parties – perhaps the Cambodian People’s Par에스엠 카지노ty. It is expected that the ruling coalition and the opposition will find common ground on issues such as economic restructuring, tax reform, immigration and the issue of electoral reform.

The US has pledged to support a united approach to fighting the war 코인카지노on drugs, but warned against supporting any coalition formed by forces loyal to the current regime.

14/06/2017 – The US issued a statement regarding a possible ceasefire in Cambodia following a peace deal announced last week.

The statement also indicated that US State Department officials “had been in touch with the United States Government, and were aware of reports of a possible Cambodian ceasefire” in Phnom Penh.

15/06/2017 – President Donald Trump has issued an order to review military action in Cambodia, and said the situation in the Central Highlands could be dealt with “as appropriate” by the American military.

16/06/2017 – Following a peace deal between opposition groups and the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, a temporary temporary deal has been reached between the military and opposition parties.

US President Donald Trump has now put the final stamp on a long-running dispute between the American military and one of its biggest allies. He has extended military assistance to South Asia in the wake of the US ruling party’s failed election campaign.

The US is still investigating alleged election hacking against the Cambodian military by members of the so-called Free Cambodia Party.

17/06/2017 – President Donald Trump issued a statement on Sunday saying that the United States would look to “immediately terminate the US Government’s funding to the National Alliance government in Cambodia.” He said he also ordere