Bartel rubbishes diving claims

Bartel rubbishes diving claims

Bartel: Germany would have been lucky to land a plane in Antarctica

The German airline BAM! announced earlier this year that it had signed a deal to buy Alaska Airlines’ only passenger aircraft – an Embraer Phenom 200, a plane to be used for charter flights across the Antarctic continent.

The deal was to be completed in late September after bidding from both the Boeing Company and Alaska, which is the largest shareholder in BAM! with over 70 percent ownership.

But just three days ago, BAM! released an online report claiming that the deal had been scrapped. In it, the company said that the flight was cancelled “at the last moment” in order to meet a deadline to get a new flight for next year.

It was, in fact, announced by BAM! that it had cancelled the flight due to difficulties with the Embraer’s supplier for its aircraft, Alstom, which would take the Embraer’s Embraer Phenom to the Antarctic m솔레어 카지노ainland for refueling from January to October.

German airline BAM! said in a statement: ‘We cancelled our charter flight to Europe with Airbus in mid-August because of problems with the Embraer Phenom.

‘The flight would have served to increase the operational base for the Embraer Phenom. But the situation with Alstom could not be improved as it would be too expensive, and would take too long to refuel.

‘We received a letter from Alstom on August 8 confirming that the Embraer Phenom has a maintenance problem and would be at risk for the next few weeks.

‘On August 15th, Airbus had to say, “I don’t mind this plane coming back”. After talking with Airbus, we had to cancel the flight due to some issues with Alstom’s supply.

‘We would like to thank everyone who was involved in this deal, the Norwegian Air Traffic Service, the Norwegian Airports Authority, and the European Commission.’

‘Our customers are proud that their airlines have chosen to buy our aircraft from us,’ BAM! added, with BAM flying around the globe and operating four domestic and four in여주출장마사지ternational routes.

It said the contract would help it ‘deliver a high quality service to our customers in Europe and Asia in addition to our usual service to America and Asia through Alaska Airlines’.

BAMm 카지노! also said it was not paying Alstom to fly to Antarctic